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How Can I Love God After That?

I have a story today about a young man that loved God. Jerry spent most of his free time in the church volunteering to help the pastor, working in the church food bank, and he was an usher because he loved making sure everyone was taken care of during the services. His goal was to become a minister one day, and everyone felt God’s calling on his life; they all believed that he would make a good preacher. Something happened though which changed his life, Jerry’s little brother was struck down by a hit and run driver and killed. The police never found or charged anyone with the death of his brother, causing an anger and hatred to develop within the young man
After the incident, Jerry stopped going to church and no longer volunteered there, doing the one thing he loved so much. Concerned over his spiritual welfare, the young man’s parents asked the pastor to speak with him. When the pastor visited with Jerry, he asked him why he no longer came to church. Jerry flatly stated, “how can I l…

Love the Unlovable

Love the Unlovable
Sometimes it is hard to love others because they hurt us, betray us, and treat us as if we are nothing but puppets for their use, and over the years of my life I have grown to understand that our selfish natures cause us to do harm to even those we confess to care for.
Nevertheless, God wants us to love everyone even the unlovable. When we give out a little love and kindness it can change a negative situation into one that provides pleasure and benefits to both parties. Love spreads like a deadly virus, its  contagion and can change the lives of masses of people, and it only requires one small act of it.
So try to love, who knows what life will be changed just because we freely give out a smile, wave, or overlook the harshness of another.
I found a poem by Mother Teresa that I would like to share, it says so much in such a few words.
People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior mo…